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Most interesting/most important: power (but also maybe confusing)

A number of students listed power, or related concepts like (b)ordering and natural, normal and novel, as the most interesting or important thing that they learned. Some also listed these concepts as ones they still had questions about.

What makes this concept important or interesting? What questions are you left with?


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Mack Little

When I stated looking into who had power in what places, I realized that a lot more people had power over me than I realized. l I always thought that, for example, when I walked into a movie theater that only the head honcho of the theater could throw me out. After experiencing this year someone getting thrown out by the other people in the theater, I realized that everyone has power in all places.

Matt Herbert

Like Mack, I also enjoyed learning about the concepts of power and identifying the influence of power over certain places. When I go to different places I like to try and figure out all the influences of power in that place. It's also kind of fun to look at the traces in how a place is bordered to try and determine what this means about how this place is ordered.

 McKenzie Brown

I also found this interesting. Our self-analysis field exercise was by far the hardest for me to do. To analyze what power others have over me due to my gender and/or race, and what powers I could exercise through them as well.

Kaylee Mok

Power has always been a little confusing for me. Everyone has power in them, but is that only because we give them that power? Say if an authority figure thinks a person did something wrong, would the person have to answer to that power because of his titled "authority" or is it okay to not recognize and acknowledge that authority?

Kamalei P.

I thought power was the most important as well. Finding out that people have more power than they do in places, showed a lot. Wherever we are or wherever we find ourselves, people are big influential factors to all of us and I think that's what I find interesting about it.

John Stone

Power is really interesting, but I see were the confusion comes from. There are a lot of things that influence the amount of power someone does or does not have, and they're mostly from how society works. You could have a lot of power over people in some areas, but elsewhere you could be powerless. I get the general idea, but the multiple factors that determine how much power someone has can be confusing.

Jonathon Watt

One of the questions that I was left with at the end of this graphic novel was how and who was the power going to shift by letting the other tribes, and the named have a say of what goes on in the city. I feel that the city will be better run and the people there will be happier but yet I would have to read the stone heart (the next book in the series) to find out.

Peggy Smith

I hear you McKenzie, looking hard within ourselves and the opening of our awareness of our disempowerment. wonder how many of us would push back with our own power under certain circumstances. I wonder how many of us left out or downplayed some of our power? Would we push back as a united group or be ignored and remain helpless?

Madison Overholser

While power was not the most interesting or important to me, I can understand why a majority of people listed it. Power is a very broad topic with a variety of contexts, I feel like this term we discussed power in a way that some people may have never even thought of or heard about; making it interesting and/or confusing. I believe there are many different types of powers depending on the setting, the people involved, and how large the setting is; people wise.

Ana Bautista

Doing something thats normal is quite boring, the interesting part comes understanding the difference of when you are doing something because it is natural or because it is natural. How do you detect that for yourself. Are people going to be honest to themselves? I also think that novel is interesting because you can use it to your advantage, it is something so simple yet affective and it gets the point across.

Jeanette Betancourt

I liked learning about power and how it influences us, through the field exercise I wrote about power it was interesting to learn how people and places do have power over us. For example, like at school and at my job. And in class I learned about power in a different perspective than I had thought before. Power is something that will always affect in our daily lives.

Emily Miller

I found the concepts of natural, normal, and novel to be interesting because in my life, I have never before thought about human behavior in these ways. I would behave in certain ways without really knowing what decisions I made were natural. I would just live my life and not think anything of it. I've also never questioned and analyzed why some behaviors are considered novel in a place, and who gets to decide what behaviors are novel or not.

Rachel Rosenbaum

I found the power of us as humans leaving a trace behind at places to be the most powerful thing we have discussed over the term. I was never aware of how apparent it is of our power as we travel and move and the effect we can make on the culture around us by just being human. This gave me the most new perception out of all of the topics we covered this term.


I think what makes power so interesting, and so very important is that it plays a role in all places and all cultures. Power, and power dynamics are apparent no mater what place or location you are looking at. Personally I found the ideas of novel and normal to be the most interesting, but to me power is still more important at any given time. Looking at power dynamics is like checking who’s behind the funding of an article, it can drastically change how a situation is viewed.

Grecia Diaz

I guess to me was confusing what had defined novel and normal. It is relitivly easy to understand but for me it was harder for some reason. I do understand now what makes something normal or novel but to me those were interesting to learn as well

Christian Hammerich

I really enjoyed learning about the concepts of power and identifying the influence of power in different places. Like Mack, I realize how many more people have power over me then I seem to realize.

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